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High pressure system uses hydraulic pump for PCM phase change.

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Intermediate fluid (H2O) circuit.

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High pressure pipelines connect a specifically designed heat exchanger.


Patented PLC to control all steps of process.



Our compression system transforms the existing air conditioning technology and makes it climate friendly. The same principle (heat absorption/transfer/yield) can be used for heat or atmospheric water generation (AWG).


Instead of using high global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant gases such as HFCs or HCFCs, this cooling technology takes advantage of the properties of biodegradable materials.


Our system continuously applies and releases pressure to solid material (PCM). This produces a cooling effect which can be delivered either to the room air or to produce chilled water for cooling. These flexible materials are widely available and are low-cost and non-toxic.

Engineer Working on Machinery

Prototype and Simulations

At Energy Innovation Systems we have designed, built, and tested a proof-of-concept prototype that cools without carbon emissions. For a comprehensive technology report, please follow the contact link below, and send us your inquiry online.

Cold and heat production without GHG emissions tested under lab conditions at:

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